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April 4, 2024

First Round Interview with Tyson Alexander

Q. Birdies at the last always help, Tyson. That's a good round of golf. I have it for your lowest round of golf in an opening round to start this year in relation to par.

TYSON ALEXANDER: Yeah, I had made a bunch of birdies today, which is good on this golf course because you're going to make some bogeys out there. Yeah, good way to close the round and feel good about it.

Q. You have to keep the ball in front of you obviously on this golf course. How do you strategically try and look to attack this golf course knowing you need those birdies?

TYSON ALEXANDER: Yeah, you just got to be real committed with your lines and know where the wind's coming from. The wind's going to blow all week, so just having good pictures and then just letting it go.

Q. How did you track the wind today, because it looked like at some times there today you look up and you look up again, it's a 90-degree difference.

TYSON ALEXANDER: Yeah, it's blowing the same way, but sometimes the tees are back in the cut a little bit so it's hard to kind of feel it. We have compasses and you just got to trust it and let it rip.

Q. I know that this was a golf course that changed through your round today. You got a feel for what it's like probably when you get back out tomorrow afternoon. What challenges does it present when you try and back this up tomorrow?

TYSON ALEXANDER: Yeah, I think the wind's going to whip pretty hard tomorrow and the greens are going to get firmer. Yeah, it will be a good test. You've just got to keep it in front of you and just play smart and, like I said, stay committed to your lines.