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April 6, 2024

Third Round Interview with Rico Hoey

Q. Basically talk a little bit about the round. Good position heading into the final round, just your thoughts on that?

RICO HOEY: Yeah, it was great. It was playing tough today, I had my coach this week on the bag, he's doing great, Ross Fisher. Yeah, it's really tough out there. Tried to keep the ball in play. You've got to keep it in the fairway. If you're in the rough, it's just hard to hit greens. We played well, stuck to the game plan and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Q. Is that what you do, you stick to the game plan, you kind of take what you have now and you just, like you said, stick with the game plan for tomorrow?

RICO HOEY: Yeah, because by the end of the day -- we're going to have to adjust tomorrow because it's going to be opposite wind tomorrow. For me, just attacking the spots that we need to, that's all I can do. For me and for Ross, all we're trying to do is just commit to the best line as we can. If it goes in, great. If it goes in the fairway or next to the hole, great. Then if not, we'll figure out the next shot.

Q. How is your level of comfort? Obviously spending a little bit more time here, getting your feet under you, are you getting a little more comfortable as the time goes on?

RICO HOEY: Yeah, yeah, I think it's cool. I think I'm starting to get used to seeing the big names like Rory and Jordan. All those guys, they're great players so it's really cool to be out here. I've got to pinch myself every day because it's pretty sweet. Yeah, I feel like I'm getting more comfortable each and every week. I'm not saying I figured it all out, but I think each week I'm starting to learn more and more about myself and the game and that's all I can do.