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April 7, 2024

Final Round Interview with Peter Kuest

Q. Peter, good week overall. I know you're hoping the T-9 holds up. If I take you back to the Monday, not your first one and not the first one you've had success out of. Just a few months about the process of Monday qualifying and getting in and doing as well as you did this week.

PETER KUEST: Yeah, just play two separate tournaments pretty much. It's pretty draining after a Monday grinding it out, especially playing two extra holes, but then you've just got to reset mentally and go out and put in the work and then go play.

Q. Eight-shot difference between yesterday and today. What was the and how good does that feel to end on a good note like that?

PETER KUEST: I kept the driver in play a little bit more. I hit a couple foul balls yesterday and hit it in some spots that made it tough to score. Yeah, just hit it in better spots today and scored a little better.

Q. I know it's kind of a stupid question, obvious answer, but how much was top-10ing this week on your mind once you kind of found yourself in that position for Puntacana?

PETER KUEST: It wasn't really on my mind. It was definitely something I wanted to do, but I was not really thinking about it. I just knew if I went out and played good golf, I would have a good chance at that. Now we just see what happens.

Q. I remember you playing well last year at Byron Nelson. Is there something about Texas that you like the style of golf, like the windy conditions?

PETER KUEST: Probably the taxes or something like that. No, I like Texas, I like coming down here, the fans are awesome. Yeah, it's a good state.