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April 4, 2024

First Round Interview with Max Homa

Q. Max, birdies on three of the final four holes. What was the key to the strong finish there?

MAX HOMA: I don't know, probably just patience. I really liked how I played. If you would have told me I would have finished the day without those, I would have had a pretty similar feeling about my day. The quality of golf was really good. So it was obviously great to have that finish, but as far as just a general feeling of the round, I really do believe I would have taken it either way, so I was happy that it worked out the way it did.

Q. What were some of the things that were going well for you?

MAX HOMA: Most of it was good. I drove the ball really well. I didn't hit a load of fairways, but my misses were small again. That's kind of how I drove it last season. Felt like my iron play was really good, which it has been trending that way, just haven't been in the fairway a whole lot, and it just felt, I don't know, I just felt like I struck the ball really solid. In the wind that's a big thing that kind of maybe goes a little overlooked at times. When your quality of strike's real good, the wind doesn't mess with it quite as much, so I feel like I did a good job of that.

Q. What was the process for you setting your schedule to take a couple weeks off and then play this one heading into the Masters?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, right after The Open last year I kind of decided I was going to play all of the weeks before the majors. It's easier this year. Most people play the Scottish, I always do, so that one's easy. Then the other two are Signature Events. This one, hadn't been here in a while but it's a course I've liked. The city and hotels are amazing especially with the family, so it was a no-brainer to add this one and try to change up how I've kind of prepared for the majors, especially the Masters.

Q. Why did you think playing the week before would be advantageous?

MAX HOMA: I think I when I'm at home I try to be a perfectionist and I kind of hope that carries into the next week. I think this for myself might work better where I'm learning kind of more about my golf game and what shots feel good and what don't and leaning into that instead of trying to make them all exactly right.

Q. Do you think if you put together a couple more rounds like this that it instills that confidence or how does it impact you to have a hot start like this?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I'm going to try not to let this week have much effect on my confidence. Obviously good golf, I'll try to lean into it a little bit, but even if I only took today, I feel like everything I've been working on for the last couple weeks and then maybe before that is right. It's obviously a bit harder in tournament, but yeah, if I just had today to look back on, I would be very comfortable with what I've got going on.