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April 4, 2024

First Round Interview with Jordan Spieth

Q. Can you just walk us through the hole-in-one, the club, what you were thinking?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I had to take some off of a 7-iron and so I lined up to hit like a 185 shot and hit a little fade with the wind that kind of was able to ride the slope then. I hit it and I picked up the tee because I did what I wanted to do. And then as it landed and started to -- everyone started to stand up, it was the people right in line with it so I thought maybe there's a chance, and then it went in.

It's actually a brand new 7-iron this week, only the 7-iron. I like hitting my 7-iron and so I've got it to where, when I'm testing my gaps, it like goes five yards too far in the gap. I didn't know why.

On Wednesday after the pro-am I was hitting on the back of the range, I had them just bring a brand new 7-iron for new grooves and it was up in the right spin window, so knocked four, five yards off of it. If I didn't change 7-irons yesterday, then I wouldn't have made it. It's funny.

Q. Can you just talk about your emotions between what you do on 14 with the double and then the hole-in-one and how you finished up your round?

JORDAN SPIETH: It's just like I'm playing so much better than I've been scoring and it doesn't like look like it. It's hard to explain. I've played way worse and had consecutive top-10s than the missed cuts that I've had. It's just very bizarre. Like my game feels fine and I'm just not getting much out of it. So it's extremely frustrating because I drove the living piss out of the ball today and I picked the wrong line on 14 and it's the one drive I missed honestly like five, six yards right of where I was looking and then I don't find it. I was like, see, now my driving stats don't look the way they actually feel and I'm 4 over. I'm like, this is not a hard track this afternoon, what in the world is going on? I got a couple nice breaks late that maybe make me feel like the game's not as hard as it's been feeling.

Q. Is patience the key now?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah. I mean, luckily I've been in these scenarios before where I probably would have been a lot more impatient. I feel like I'm fine at letting things come to me, but, you know, to some extent you get pretty frustrated. So just kind of seems like kind of like a bad blackjack run, you can't get up from the table, and maybe the hole-in-one turns it around a bit. Again, I think I'm being patient and I'm optimistic, it's just I'd like a little bit of a result or two to show with what's felt like a lot better year than it's produced as far as results.