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April 5, 2024

Second Round Interview with Brendon Todd

Q. How did you feel about the round today overall? What stood out to you?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it was a tough finish, not very happy with the score. I hit it really nice on the front nine, just didn't get a lot out of it there. On the back nine we had a couple mistakes and made some more bogeys than we needed. Yeah, just let a good one get away.

Q. Did you see any differences in particular in your play yesterday versus today?

BRENDON TODD: I chipped in twice yesterday and made an 80-footer, that was the big difference, and I probably missed a few more greens today.

Q. You've had some strong results here over the years. What is it about this course that sort of stands out to you or allows you to have some success?

BRENDON TODD: I really like the way that the holes are framed off the tee, I feel like I can drive it well here and it's really important to drive it in the fairway. Then I seem to play these grasses really well, I like to chip and putt around here.

Q. What are your expectations for the rest of the weekend? Anything that you're going to be focused on in your game?

BRENDON TODD: Just hoping to put two good rounds together and have a chance to win. Haven't played four good rounds this year and I won't this week either because today was a miss. Get two good rounds in and contend.

Q. You sound very discouraged about today. Does it take anything to regroup or get back on track?

BRENDON TODD: I'll be fine, I'll play well on the weekend. This was a missed opportunity today.