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April 4, 2024

First Round Interview with Brendon Todd

Q. Stealing a little bit of Rex's thunder, birdies on four of your last five holes, just a few comments on the round in general?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I thought I played well from start to finish. Was putting the ball in the right spots, hitting my short irons close. But, you know, no great round comes without some flashes. I chipped in on my first hole, 10, and I chipped in on my last hole, 9, and I made probably an 80-footer on No. 6, so when those things happen, you hope you capitalize and make it a low one. I did.

Q. You've had a couple of top-10s here. What is it you like about this course or feel good about?

BRENDON TODD: I think it's a course that rewards driving accuracy and the holes are all framed, which for my driving helps a lot, and then there's opportunity to hit some wedges close. It's a long course, but because we're 1100 feet or whatever we're at here, the ball does travel so I'm able to hit a lot of short irons, which is my strength. So I'm able to have a bunch of short looks for birdie and I made some of them.

Q. And then finally, just how have you been feeling coming into the week? Have you felt pretty good?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I feel like I've been playing well every time I tee it up this year. For me, really it just comes down to keeping the tee ball in play, hitting my wedges close and putting well and the weeks I've played well, been able to do that. I haven't really put four rounds together much this year, so hopefully this is the start of a good one.