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April 2, 2024

Pre-Tournament Interview with Adam Scott

JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome our 2010 champion, Adam Scott, to the interview room here at the Valero Texas Open, making his fourth start at this event and first one, Adam, since 2018. Welcome back. If we can get some comments on being back here at the Valero Texas Open.

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's nice to be back. I haven't played a lot here over the last several years, really since I won and defended I don't think I've had many appearances here. But it is nice to come back, nice to remind myself when I see myself with a trophy in the clubhouse and stuff like that that there's some good golf in there and hopefully I find myself playing some good golf here this week leading into Augusta. Obviously on everyone's mind.

JOHN BUSH: You closed 65-66 for your best finish of the year, T-8 at WM Phoenix Open, coming off of a T-45 at THE PLAYERS, so just talk about the season up to this point and the state of your game.

ADAM SCOTT: I was playing pretty nicely on the west coast, although I didn't putt my best for the first time in a while, and then I had a pretty flat couple weeks in Florida, just wasn't on my game at all there. Nothing that I'm concerned about at all. I had a nice practice week last week. I feel like even playing nine holes today, I feel very confident and comfortable with where my swing is at and every part of my game. So I'm looking forward to getting going this week and hopefully having a good week and building up some confidence to go into next week and have another great week.

Q. Adam, I know you've had to adjust your schedule a little bit this year compared to maybe what you played in the past. Has that been difficult or is that something that's come pretty easy?

ADAM SCOTT: I don't think so. I think when I adjusted in the past it was a little bit difficult. I think I'm pretty open to just doing whatever I feel is best now. Juggling lots of different factors at this point in my career, I end up just relying on like a gut instinct of what feels right and what's not, and it's even less about does this course suit me and is this the right week to play if I feel like I need to play. I thought this week was a great week for me to play.

I like playing the Houston Open as well, but then you can start making a case to play every week actually out here. You've got to pick your moments. Having the structure of a tournament this week leading into the Masters I think was good, especially coming off some pretty average results the last couple of tournaments, so looking for better here this week.

Q. Do you think there's a different mindset with guys who are in the position you're in tuning up for the Masters versus guys who don't have that opportunity on the calendar next week?

ADAM SCOTT: Probably. I mean, if they're not in the Masters, then their motivation is to win here to get in the Masters. I think that's pretty strong motivation and would bring a lot of guys here to play, for sure.

But I'm also here -- as much as we all think about next week, I'm here, I want a good result. I'd like to win a trophy, that's still what I'm trying to do out here. It's been a long time since I have lifted a trophy. I feel like my game is in that place where it could turn any week. It's all there, I need to somehow put myself in that position and make a putt at the right time and get back in that spot.

Q. You obviously just talked us through your thought process on planning the schedule, but seems like in the few years prior you had sort of made a point of not playing the week before the Masters. Was there something that went into that?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, things are always changing not only with the PGA TOUR schedule, but with where my game is at, with what's going on around me and trying to balance everything and make the best decisions. We've seen some big changes in the Tour schedule this year and it happened that -- like I was saying, you know, I equally like playing in Houston, I've won in Houston as well and I've won here, but you just can't play every week so you've got to just make kind of gut decisions on really what you need. I'm happy that this time it's worked out that I'm back here at Valero.

Q. Have you had a chance to take a scouting trip to Augusta this year or not?

ADAM SCOTT: I didn't. Again, most years I do. I don't have tons of time just to float up there and I thought it wasn't the big priority for me leading into this Masters, I think. I've played there a lot. I know they changed the second and I know they've relaid a couple greens, but I think I can go in there at this point feeling pretty comfortable and should be confident that I know the golf course well enough on a couple practice rounds Tuesday and Wednesday.

Q. My guess is you haven't seen this, it's a little bit off base, but Anthony Kim kind of did an extended interview with David Feherty just talking about the last 12 years, all the questions we wanted to ask. You were I don't want to say a contemporary, but you played on Tour with him. Can you even empathize with what it must be like to walk away from the game for 12 years and then come back?

ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think it must be nice to be able to come back, honestly, but I can't imagine from a competitive side how easy that would be. I see some guys who fall off the Tour or take a break for a year or two and it's hard work coming back.

As far as competing goes, I'm sure he's got a bit of a road in front of him, but I was a contemporary of his and played plenty of golf with him. If he's in a good spot coming back to play, I'm pleased that the game's still there for him.

JOHN BUSH: Anything else? Adam, that does it. Thank you. Best of luck this week.