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March 30, 2023

First Round Interview with Roberto Diaz

Q. Great finish for a 4-under 68 today. Just a few comments about the round.

ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, thank you. I hit it great. I hit a lot of fairways and I was never out of position, so it was easier to get it to the green. It was tough today, you know, like we had a couple shots during the round that it was raining and it was pretty windy, so it was -- it was a big win for me to get in the fairway. And then from there, just being patient and hitting a bunch of greens. I got lucky on a couple bounces there on the front, hit it pretty tight on 9, and then on the back nine I played great.

Q. Just talk to me about your third and fourth shot here at 18.

ROBERTO DIAZ: Yeah, I had an awkward number, I had 114 yards to that pin and I knew that there was a ridge before the pin, just below it, so I needed to fly it there, but 50-degree was too much club and 55-degree was probably not enough. I ended up hooding a 55 just to get on top of it. Went over and luckily I got lucky and made the putt.