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April 2, 2023

Final Round Interview with Patrick Rodgers

Q. Patrick, not the finish you wanted today. If we can just get you to comment on the final round.

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, disappointing day, but great experience, great to be in that environment. Honestly, hats off to Corey, he played amazing. I'm not sure he missed a shot for 18 holes and it was really impressive on this golf course and in the wind. He was clearly quite a bit better than I was today, but definitely something I'll learn from and bounce back stronger.

Q. Just that stretch there on the front nine toward the end of that nine.

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, exactly. Obviously got off to a nice start on those into-the-wind holes especially putting the ball there in the fairway on 4. Yeah, I felt like I made some good swings that kind of the wind got or they just landed a few yards in the wrong spots and it ended up costing me bogeys. It's one of those golf courses where it doesn't take much to get pretty far off and that was my day today. Disappointing result, but I'll be back strong.

Q. We talked the last couple days about the pressure of chasing your first win. Did you feel like that impacted you today at all?

PATRICK RODGERS: It's certainly different than the first three days, but that's not just for me, that's for everybody. I definitely felt like I leaned into the experience, I felt like I put my best foot forward there mentally. I just didn't have the quality of golf that I needed to get the job done.