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April 2, 2023

Final Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. Matt, great week. What was the difference today for you?

MATT KUCHAR: Another good day. I wish I made a few putts early on. I was playing solid, steady golf. It was another tough day out here. I was glad to see some wind blowing, I figured I needed some help with some difficult conditions to try to catch up with some of those guys on top of the leaderboard. It was a demanding day. It's fun to see a course play so different. We had kind of a totally different wind today, so unique to see holes play different. I got to witness Corey Conners go around, he did not miss a shot for 18 holes, it was impressive stuff to see out there.

Q. What happened the last five holes that you had that great finish?

MATT KUCHAR: That's the game of golf. I think if you kind of stay patient, stay positive, you never know where birdies will come. They happened to come on four of the last five holes. It was certainly a nice way to finish.

Q. You mentioned Corey. What was it like playing alongside of him, competing against him and with him taking the title here?

MATT KUCHAR: There were a lot of shots that you kind of had to step up and execute or else it was going to be a potential big number and he just, he didn't miss one. Every time stepped up and just hit beautiful shot after shot. It was a clinic that he put on, it was impressive.

Q. You got a long history of some pretty successful results here. How does it feel to have just the amount of strong rounds in a row you put together on this course?

MATT KUCHAR: I enjoy this tournament. The guys that run it do a great job, the local community comes out in a big way, love the golf course. I've had some good results. I keep getting close to putting my name on that trophy and getting those boots, but I'll keep chipping away at it.