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April 1, 2023

Third Round Interview with Corey Conners

Q. Corey, what are some of your kind of general feelings on the round today?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, didn't get off to the best start, made a few mistakes on the first nine, but really happy battling back and making some birdies on the back nine today. Yeah, lots of positives and good momentum from that nine holes heading into tomorrow.

Q. Obviously being in the mix here coming down to the final round, what would it mean to you to become a two-time winner here?

COREY CONNERS: I've been working hard over the last number of years to try to get back in the winner's circle and give myself some opportunities and feel like this is a great opportunity here. I love this golf course and feel really comfortable out here. Yeah, it's going to be a fun battle, but I'll be giving it my all.

Q. Does it inspire any confidence or change the mindset at all to know that you've done it on this course before?

COREY CONNERS: No, I think anything can happen. It's certainly an added comfort level out here knowing what I went through in '19, some ups and downs in the round. Yeah, I think it's certainly helpful, but still going to have to go out and play good golf.

Q. Corey, you have the low scoring average here since 2010. How early did you feel comfortable back in 2019, was it immediate, did you walk on the golf course and think this is a place I can do well?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I think really immediately. I like it visually off the tee and it's very demanding with your irons into the greens. There's some unique shaped greens, some skinny greens, big greens. You've really got to be in control of your ball and that's something that I've always liked about this place. Yeah, obviously lots of good vibes from playing well the past few years.

Q. Does it remind you of anyplace where you grew up, a golf course that --

COREY CONNERS: I don't know. It's got some unique aspects. There really are some really large greens, some interesting slopes and crazy slopes in some of the greens. There's some straightforward holes and some very demanding holes. I think overall, yeah, just have to do everything really well. Hard to put my finger on another place that it reminds me of, but happy I feel comfortable here.

Q. Do you feel like the man to beat because of your résumé here?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, I mean, Patrick played really solid today. I know he's going to be a tough competitor tomorrow and can't -- lots of people chasing us as well. Just going to try and play my own game. Yeah, I certainly have confidence, I like a lot of the things that I did today. Yeah, going to give it my all and hopefully get in the lead by the end.