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April 3, 2022

Final Round Interview with Troy Merritt

Q. Troy, thanks for stopping by for a minute. Just a few general comments on the week overall. I know on the way over you said putting saved you. If you could just kind of recap what you told me on the way over.

TROY MERRITT: Yeah, I have no business standing here at 10 under par for the tournament with the way I hit the ball off the tee and the way I hit my irons and wedges this week, but man, did I make a lot of putts, and they just kept coming. I even saved myself on 17 and hit two good putts on 16 and 18 that I thought I had made and just overread them. So fantastic finish. Ball-striking wasn't stellar, but the putter was brilliant.

Q. I may be going out on a limb here, but how much of a factor was the wind here this week with the errant stuff that you weren't thrilled with?

TROY MERRITT: Yeah, it was a bit swirly out there. We played in the heavy winds on Friday afternoon, but I hit it the same. I hit it the best today off the tee as I did the first three days and I still hit about the same amount of fairways, just had more first cuts today. Yeah, the wind was swirly, but it was mostly on me.

Q. And then finally, takeaways from the week? Obviously you feel good about the putting, but is there anything else you're leaving with that you feel confident moving forward?

TROY MERRITT: Just that this place is always a grind. I seemed to grind out, at least made cuts here. Didn't have any stellar finishes before this week. I don't think I even had a Top-30, but I made over half the cuts or three-quarters of the cuts here. This week just the ball-striking wasn't fantastic, but I grinded it out, made putts on the greens and as a result, maybe sneak a Top-5.