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April 2, 2022

Third Round Interview with Scott Stallings

Q. Scott, 5 under par, if we can get some comments on your round, please.

SCOTT STALLINGS: I was happy with the way I kind of hung in there. Got off to a -- I didn't hit the greatest tee shot off the first hole and, you know, was able to scramble, gave myself a look for par and made it. Played the par 5s a little bit better and made a fortunate putt on 8, kind of below the bottom of the hill. But from then on I hit some really nice shots. Basically from 12 through 17 was as good as I've hit the ball tee to green in a while, so it was nice to kind of capitalize there with some birdies. and hopefully continue to do that again tomorrow.

Q. What was the key to having as much success as you did in those scramble situations?

SCOTT STALLINGS: I think just missing in a spot where I had the most green. You know, if I did -- I don't know what my stats were, but I hit a lot of balls just off the edge of the fringe. Like 10's a perfect example, I was probably 12 feet from the hole but I technically missed the green. So I was in decent spots where I was able to kind of sort of stress-free and kind of take it from there. You know, when I got out of position, I was able to put myself in one -- 18 wasn't necessarily the best spot ever, but to give myself a six-, eight-footer there for par. Didn't hit it quite hard enough to knock it in, but happy with the way I kind of managed my game and look forward to being out there tomorrow.

Q. Talk about the putt at 8 that you were down below the hill. What else did you see? It was close to a 40-foot putt.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Just a very interesting approach shot. You're into the wind, you're on an upslope, long's terrible, short's not bad, so you try to play something in there and kind of bounce it up. I got my ball fairly close to the top of the hill from the bottom and just kind of trickled down. And Ben Martin hit a putt almost directly right beside me and lipped it out, so I had a good visual. Anytime that goes in it's all luck. It was nice to see one go in from that far.

Q. Can you take us through the 14th hole? You had a nice shot out of the bunker there to save birdie.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, I hit my ball through the fairway in the left rough. Kind of had a flyer lie and literally trying to chase up around the front of the green and it kind of squirted out right on me. You know, had a good lie in the bunker on the upslope and was fortunate enough to kind of land it in the middle of the green and kind of trickle down. Had a three- or four-footer for birdie and went on from there.

Q. What does it mean to you to be sitting on top of the leaderboard?

SCOTT STALLINGS: The day's not over yet, there's a lot of golf to be played and there's definitely some birdie holes coming in, but I'm happy with the way I put myself in position and look forward to what comes tomorrow.

Q. What did you hit off the tee at No. 17 with the tees moved up?


Q. What is your mindset coming into tomorrow? Is there any pressure you have to manage?

SCOTT STALLINGS: No. Same as today, like gas pedal's on the right, try to take advantage of some opportunities with the par 5s and get yourself in position on some of the tougher holes and kind of pick your spots and try to capitalize when you're given the opportunity.