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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. I guess anything jump out about the round today? What was your overall feeling about how you played?

MATT KUCHAR: It was a challenging day out there, this wind was up. This course I think is such a good test of golf. I think it's a course that rewards good shots and really penalizes bad shots. With wind like this, that one bad shot, a round can slip away. So was glad to keep the ball in play, stay out the trouble and was able to make a few birdies coming in, which was a nice way to finish.

Q. This is the second day in a row you converted a lot of birdies on 14 through 18. Is there something about that stretch of holes that you feel good about?

MATT KUCHAR: I don't think so. They fall where they fall, you never know. You try to stay as positive as you can thinking they'll fall at some point. You never know in a round of golf and nice that they fell at some point today.

Q. You've had pretty strong showings at the last two Texas Opens. Does it give you some confidence coming in?

MATT KUCHAR: I love coming here. Like I said earlier, I really enjoy the golf course, it's a great test of golf. Today was a real challenge this afternoon and nice to post a couple under par round and look forward to a good weekend.

Q. Is there something about how the course is laid out that plays to your strengths, or why is that?

MATT KUCHAR: I think I'm a guy who tends to keep the ball out of trouble and this place you have to do that. The trouble that lies around here can really cost you a big number and hurt your round significantly. So I enjoy when accuracy is a little bit more of a premium than other places.