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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Lucas Glover

Q. Lucas, great round today, bogey-free 6-under 66. Just kind of assess the round if you would.

LUCAS GLOVER: It was good. Off to a good start before the winds came up and kind of knew that going in with the forecast, but it was good. Played nice. A couple good up-and-downs to kind of keep the momentum going middle of the round and then I played nice coming in and overall very happy. No bogeys around here is very nice.

Q. You commented with Bill a minute ago about the variable wind yesterday and how, if it's going to be pushing one way, you'd just as soon it be coming straight --

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, light and variable, you're like, all right, it's not much wind, but yesterday it was enough to where it bugged you and it was just tricky I would say, coming out of different spots. Today we knew where it was going to be and we like to -- I guess we're all somewhat type A, we like to go ahead and plan ahead and know where it's going to be, so easier to do that when we know where it is.

Q. And then if you would, two holes you talked about here, the chip-in and then what you were trying for at 18.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, No. 4, kind of a squirrely 8-iron up there, got right of the green and it was a place that I actually practiced from on Tuesday because it's pretty easy to hit your ball from, or hit your ball to, so I knew the break. Just had a little spot to land it on and if I did it, I thought it'd get close, but anytime you chip in from 50, 60 feet it's a little bit fortunate. And then 18 where the pin is, very difficult wedge shot downwind, so I tried to force one up to the front of the green or get it a little left. Overdid it a little, but still had a good putt at it and just burnt the edge. Overall, pretty pleased with the finish and the overall day.

Q. And last question, just some thoughts on how you're feeling about your game coming into the week.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, kind of up and down. I feel like I've had a lot of rounds where I've done a lot of good things that were not indicative to the score. I don't know how you'd say it, not getting much out of it maybe. And that was kind of the case yesterday, some lip-outs, a bad break here or there. I woke up this morning and just said, all right, maybe today's the day we get something out of it and we did, it was good. We had the chip-in we referenced and made a couple midrange putts, but still had a few lip-outs or it could have been really good.