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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Kevin Chappell

Q. Kevin, bogey-free 7-under 65 today, dealing with the elements of the wind and everything else. Just some thoughts on how good of a round you thought that was?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: It was nice. I really am proud of the way I played. I hung in there. I'm excited about where my game is because I've don't think I played great yet. It's not like it's coming out of the middle of the face every time and flying where I'm looking, but I've been able to scramble and get the ball in the hole, avoiding making bogeys, which is huge, and take advantage of the good stuff that I've been doing.

Q. What's been the key to avoiding bogeys? Like you said, it's been two rounds, you've only had one kind of misstep.

KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah. Well, yesterday I made a lot of 15-footers for par. I missed in the wrong spot a little bit too much yesterday and I'd hit some great shots where the ball went to 15 feet and I was able to convert. Today the key was I missed in good spots. Whether it was chipping into the wind or missing on the right side of the hole, that allowed me to scramble with relative ease.

Q. You came away with an eagle on 2. Can you walk us through that hole?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: Yeah, I hit the tee shot kind of right rough not too far from where I was looking. Just the number fit, it's like a 6-wood that I have and we're trying to get up there short left of the green and ball came out perfectly. Not sure where it landed, but all of a sudden we see it up there four feet right of the hole and were able to convert.

Q. Were you trying to get it right in that range or were you aiming --

KEVIN CHAPPELL: No, there's a gap there, you're just trying to get it in that gap. It could chase up, but the gap in between the bunkers is relatively easy work. If you can miss it in the left one, that'd be even easier, and wind was kind of helping off the left and it matched the shot.

Q. Being a former champion here, does that give you some additional confidence on this course, or what's the mindset like here?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: Absolutely. I just feel at ease around this place. My soul and this golf course get along. I really enjoy being here, my family enjoys being here. It's hard not to have a good week.

Q. Is there anything about this course that plays to your strengths as a player, the type of shots you like to hit or what you look for?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: I'd like to think I have good ball control and can avoid hitting it in the no-go spots. Greg Norman did a good job creating spots where you can play out of on one side of the hole and spots you can't play out of. If you miss in the right spots, you can scramble here, but if you're missing in the wrong spots, it makes it really hard to get the ball up and down.

Q. How have you felt about your season prior to this point?

KEVIN CHAPPELL: It's been a battle. Last few years have been a grind for me. I'm excited to be here and seeing some form and excited for the opportunity this weekend.