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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Jordan Spieth

Q. Jordan, I know you were a little frustrated making 40 feet of putts in the opening round. You had 130 feet in putts; in fact, you 36 -- excuse me, you had 64 feet in putts in your first four holes, so you got some putts of some length to go down. Was that an extra putting session or just finally getting some putts to fall?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, changed up my stroke feel a little bit, too. Freed me up a little. Kind of got my setup in a better position. I had some bad putts yesterday and still did today on a couple holes, but it was definitely a lot better and I think it will progress this weekend.

Q. We're also following the progress of Kendall Ramos, your Make-A-Wish Foundation partner that you've been with this week. Tell us a little bit about Kendall.

JORDAN SPIETH: Well, she's from the Corpus area. The only knock I have on her is that she's an Aggie fan. But, I mean, what a good heart, just a really positive attitude. Wants to take up golf now because she was so active in some other things and now golf's an outlet where she can stay active, stay outdoors. And seems to be pretty interested in it. I was just happy -- I guess I'm her favorite player and it was really nice to spend just a short amount of time with her. (Wind interference.) What an example for other young kids and really for any age.