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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with J.J. Spaun

Q. J.J. thanks for stopping by, 67 yesterday, 2 under today, still right in the mix of things. Just some thoughts. I know wasn't the ideal finish coming down the stretch, but you're still just right there. Just some thoughts how you're feeling coming into the week.

J.J. SPAUN: I'm still in a good position. There's a lot of golf left. Yeah, it sucks to finish that way, but it got kind of tough and two bad swings made me make a couple bogeys. Still plenty of golf left, so still happy to have a shot.

Q. And how about the wind? I know I'm asking the obvious question, but how much of a factor was that?

J.J. SPAUN: Yeah, it picked up like kind of right when we made the turn. It was kind of blowing all day, but then it picked up heavier around the first and second hole, which is our back nine. Yeah, just made it tougher to hit fairways and guessing -- most of it was like crosswinds, too, so you know, if you started too far in one direction, you can short-side yourself. It definitely picked up our last seven, eight holes.

Q. And then just last question, just some thoughts on how you're feeling coming into the week about your game. Is it kind of where you wanted to be, good confidence level coming in?

J.J. SPAUN: Yeah, I've been feeling confident about my game all season really, since the start of the west coast swing, even in the fall. It's nice that it's starting to show, put it together and be a little bit more consistent throughout the entire bag. I'm feeling good and hopefully I can keep playing well tomorrow and Sunday.