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April 1, 2022

Second Round Interview with Henrik Norlander

Q. Henrik, 1 under par today. If we can get some comments on your play and also on the conditions out there.

HENRIK NORLANDER: Yeah, 1 under was pretty good. I hit it very well off the tee, and tee to green was really good. I missed a few putts, but it was pretty tough. The wind switched on 9 for us. It was coming out of the north and then it was south the rest of the day. And it's picking up now, so I'm pretty pleased with 1 under.

Q. And three back right now, the wind is even stronger this afternoon. You'll probably be fairly close. Just talk about how excited you are for the weekend.

HENRIK NORLANDER: Yeah, it's been a while. I missed six cuts in a row I think and just had a pretty bad attitude and really tried to work on that this week. The game is usually going to take care of itself when I'm acting right, so pretty pleased about my play.