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April 2, 2022

Third Round Interview with Beau Hossler

Q. Beau, just overall thoughts on the round today? What jumped out to you?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it was a challenging round. The golf course is drying out significantly. A lot of areas that I think they'll be putting water on tomorrow evening. Yeah, I mean, to shoot 5 under par today was really good. It certainly helped to play with Sneds, who also shot 5 under. We had a little bit of momentum going in the group. Yeah, hopefully I can keep on rolling it tomorrow. Yeah, the last two days have been really, really strong.

Q. Was there something different about these last two days compared to the opening round?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, I just found a little something in my swing to work on that kind of eliminated the left side for me and got me freed up to kind of commit a little bit better on my shots. I haven't looked at the numbers, but I'm sure that shows.

Q. You've been in position of being in contention in some tournaments before. What does it take to finish one up and have a strong Sunday?

BEAU HOSSLER: You know, sometimes it's just about playing well at the right time. I felt great. Sometimes you can play okay and win, other times you have to play unbelievable and you still don't win. I've just got to take it one step at a time tomorrow, try to get the ball in the fairway on the first hole, hit the green and hopefully get a couple things to my way, play a solid round of golf and I think I'll be right there.

Q. Are there any nerves or pressure that come with being in this position?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, of course. I think if you were not nervous, you wouldn't really care. I mean, this is what we all practice for, isn't it? Just to have an opportunity to be in contention and hopefully win a golf tournament, right? So yeah, I mean, obviously there's nerves, but I don't think you necessarily equate nerves to negative performance, if that makes sense.

Q. Is there anything you learned from having a 54-hole lead at a couple previous events that you can carry into tomorrow?

BEAU HOSSLER: I would say the most important part is just having experienced that before. Anytime you do something new for the first time, it's a little bit different, right? But I've had a lot of experience contending in tournaments out here, the Korn Ferry Tour, amateur golf, junior golf. I mean, not that it's the same, but I'm saying drawing on any and all experiences is huge.

I feel great, I feel really comfortable. The golf course, I love that it's hard because it allows me in a way to feel like I can play a little bit more patient, a little bit more conservative and know that really no one's going to be getting away from you out here. You've just got to go out there and execute quality shots and make sound decisions and at the end of the day that's all you can do.

Q. This golf course obviously sets up well for you, you play well here seems like every time. Why? What is it about it?

BEAU HOSSLER: I just prefer to play hard golf courses, to be honest. We start getting into summer when the scores are, you know, 20 to 25, 28 under par, it just feels like a wedge and putting contest really. You come out here and all aspects of your game are on full display. You have to drive the ball well, you have to approach well. Most importantly, you have to think well. If you make a couple mental errors out here, it can really, really hurt you quickly. Fortunately, I think we've certainly made a fair share of them, but I think I'm a pretty thoughtful golfer and I think that helps me.

Q. Just last one, you obviously know a lot about Texas golf. It's the 100th. What would it mean -- I kind of overheard, but this would be very symbolic in many ways for you, right?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it would, but I just can't get into that. To be honest, I'll take a win at any tournament, right? So it would be awesome. I mean, I went to college and I live an hour and 10 minutes away from here. With that said, if I start thinking about that, I'm in big trouble. So I'm just going to go out and play some golf tomorrow and hopefully that's enough.