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April 3, 2021

Third Round Interview with Tom Hoge

Q. Well, Tom, congratulations on a great round. Nine birdies today, including five straight. No surprise questions, you've already been asked them, but how special was a round like today?

TOM HOGE: Yeah, you know, it kind of snuck up on me there at the end. I was playing well, a few bogeys, and kind of the turning point in the round -- I haven't had a lot of momentum the last few months, haven't played as well as I would have liked, so to bounce back with some good birdies, 5 and 6 right away to get that momentum going in the right direction was good for me then. Snuck in a few nice putts there on 7 and 8 that were kind of a bonus.

Q. You talked about momentum. What have you felt good about coming into this week that you think's translated well?

TOM HOGE: Yeah, I felt like I've started hitting the ball a little bit better each week as we've played here since Hawaii. It's been disappointing for the majority of the restart here and that's always been something. You know, my iron game's always been the strength of my game, so it's been real disappointing. But I feel like it's kind of coming along here each week and I've been excited to get back out on the golf course.

Q. And finally, weather, obviously quite the delay this morning. Did the amount of water do anything to the golf course? Probably made it longer, I would imagine.


Q. What did the weather do to you?

TOM HOGE: I thought the greens were considerably softer compared to yesterday afternoon when I played so you could be a little bit more aggressive coming in there. And the wind kind of laid down a little bit towards the end of our round as well, so you could be aggressive, you could make some birdies. Fortunate to do so.