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April 1, 2021

First Round Interview with Tom Hoge

Q. 4-under 68, Tom, three birdies, great way to finish. How would you describe your round today?

TOM HOGE: Yeah, you know, I tried to make it boring out there, I guess. I tried to hit the fairways and the greens, and I drove it pretty good today so I was in a lot of fairways. I finally made that putt on 16, probably about a 30-footer there on 16 went in and a couple nice putts to finish.

Q. What do you think was clicking for you especially on those last three holes?

TOM HOGE: Like I said, I tried to get in play all day, so I felt pretty comfortable as far as ball-striking-wise for most of the day. Hadn't quite made any putts up to that point. I think to see one go in finally and kind of feed off of that was nice.

Q. You're a Texas man now, went to TCU, make your home here in Texas. How nice is it to be playing in Texas and with the fans out there?

TOM HOGE: Yeah, it's great. Last week we were at home, we got a little taste of the wind here that we've had so far this week, so good to practice in coming down here to San Antonio. It's great to have fans back out. Made the putt there on 16, it's kind of a signature hole here, hear a little bit of a roar again finally. It's been a while for that, so it was fun.

Q. What kinds of adjustments are you going to make depending on conditions tomorrow to be able to continue this momentum?

TOM HOGE: Yeah, not a whole lot. For me, driving it in play here's always been important and something I struggled with in the past. Really pretty simple, just get the ball in the grass off the tee and go from there.