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April 1, 2021

First Round Interview with Sung Kang

Q. No surprise here, just a little bit of highlights about your round today and how you felt.

SUNG KANG: I played great today, but I didn't start off very good. I just switched to one of the newer (indiscernible) driver today, I mean this week, and I hit it really good the last couple days so I put it in play. I struggled a little bit from the start, but I found a to hit it on the back nine so started driving a lot better.

And also, I was on the putting green yesterday and then Pat Perez came up to me and helped me out a little bit, so I got some Pat Perez putting tips and it helped out a lot. I made a lot of putts today. I've really got to say thanks to Pat for helping me out because I had a great round today.

Q. What were the tips he gave you that helped?

SUNG KANG: He told me I was choking down too much with the putter so I wasn't using the weight of the putter head. So he told me to go, probably just grip on the grip end and then I can feel more the weight of the head and then I can release it better. It's going to move more naturally instead of trying to do it. It felt great actually after I tried it and since then my speed got a lot better and rolling it nicely.