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April 1, 2021

First Round Interview with Sam Bennett

Q. Sam, just a few comments about your first career round on the PGA TOUR. I know you finished the way you wanted to finish with a birdie there. Just a few overall comments about the first round. Was it everything you expected?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, I was -- not gonna lie, on the first hole and pretty much all day, man, I was pretty nervous out there, not gonna lie. I was talking to Roger and he was like, "I remember my first Tour start," you know. It's a different feeling, you know. Teeing it up out here with the pros, just having to play some golf under some pressure, it's a little different. I knew I was going to be nervous, but I didn't think it would be quite that much. It's a learning experience.

Me and my brother, we had a good time out there. It was nice to make birdie on the last hole. I didn't want to go naked for my first Tour start.

Q. What would you say was the best part, that held up best for you, part of your game today?

SAM BENNETT: Man, I drove -- it was kind of disappointing today because I still drove it good. I think I only missed three fairways. Just my iron game was a little off. You know, the greens are pretty quick out here for me, a lot different than college level. Just couldn't really never get the speed down. I mean, I didn't score good obviously. I mean, shooting 80's never a good score, but I was really closer than it looked, honestly. I had two decent shots that ended up plugged in the bunker and then hit a decent drive on 9 where I was in a hole, but the rules official said it wasn't an animal hole. Had to take an unplayable. It's a lot better score -- played a lot better than my score actually showed.

Q. And my last two questions for you, how special was it, especially on the first tee, all the family and friends out here rooting for you?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, man, it was sweet. They're out here just drinking at 9:00 in the morning. I wish I could have been doing the same, honestly. Probably would have calmed me down a little bit. It was cool seeing them out there. A lot of my Aggie teammates and close friends and all the coaches. I know they're all so proud of me, and it was a cool experience having them around for my first tee shot.

Q. And then last question, obviously you came in and talked to us earlier in the week, shared your incredible story with the tattoo and so forth. Got a lot of publicity, a lot of people writing about it, telling the story.


Q. Have you seen any of the stories?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, I've seen some of the stories. I mean, I like seeing them. It's cool seeing them, but then again, I'll read them and be like, man, this kind of sucks, though, when you actually think about it. Yeah, I've seen them. I've been on Twitter and read some of the comments and people's reactions and stuff. Everybody seems so supportive and cheering me on this week. It's pretty sweet.