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April 3, 2021

Third Round Interview with Matt Wallace

Q. Matt, 5-under 67 today. Yesterday you told me you've had moments where you felt like you weren't very good at golf. How do you feel about your golf today?

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, pretty good. Just like I said to you yesterday, thinking of the good and that was good today. Started off lovely, that settles you down. I felt nervous, but that's a good thing because we haven't been in that situation for a while, you know, with fans and being in Jordan's home state. I definitely was probably third on the list of people rooting for out of the group. Hopefully I won over some fans there today. I'm very happy with today's work.

Q. How much are you looking forward to going toe to toe with Jordan tomorrow?

MATT WALLACE: Yeah, not just him. This course can throw up a few players. Charley obviously played really well today and he loves this golf course. I think we're in three-balls tomorrow. It will be a nice group. Yeah, I've just got to dig deep in my own game and enjoy my good stuff and think about my good stuff and try to get it done tomorrow.

Q. You are not a stranger to winning, you've won four times on the European Tour. What are you taking from those experiences winning and bringing them into the final day tomorrow?

MATT WALLACE: There's times in rounds where you know you need to make things happen and you know you need to hole a putt at the right time. I've had all of my wins and even in mini-tour events, you know that certain situation and that moment when you have a chance. So I'll prepare myself for that and I'll think of the good stuff, that I've holed putts this week, I've pulled shots off and that should see me in good stead.

Q. And speaking of the good stuff today, what were your favorite moments?

MATT WALLACE: Bounce-back on 12, really happy with how I dealt with myself because I didn't necessarily do anything wrong on 11, just the wind probably died when we were trying to be short of the flag and went past, and then I didn't hit a great first putt and missed one coming back. So I was really annoyed and I went kind of -- I was close to going back how I used to be and thinking why'd I do that. But what's the point? Get on with it and move on to the next hole. I played the next hole perfect. I could have hit the wedge shot closer, but I gave myself a good shot and that was really nice.

Q. Did I see you rehearsing some chip shots cross-handed?

MATT WALLACE: In the bunker shot, yeah.

Q. What's the story with that?

MATT WALLACE: I've been working with my coach on trying to keep my right shoulder down in the bunker shots, a little bit flatter, keeping the right elbow in. Helps my low point. I sometimes get a little bit steep and on top. So the cross-handed helps me fold my right arm and keeps my right shoulder down.

Q. Only in the bunkers you're doing that?

MATT WALLACE: Only in the bunkers, yeah, pretty much.

Q. And when did you start doing that?

MATT WALLACE: This week.

Q. Literally this week?

MATT WALLACE: This week. I think my bunker play's been really good this week actually. I've been able to elevate the ball a little bit higher. That lie there was hardpan and I didn't really have a good lie on that bunker shot short-sided. That's probably one of the worst bunker shots I've hit this week, but the rest I've played them how I wanted to, nice and high, soft and with a little bit of spin.