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April 2, 2021

Second Round Interview with Kevin Stadler

Q. Kevin, two solid days of golf. 5 under set you up nicely for the weekend. How were you able to get it done over the past two days?

KEVIN STADLER: Just kind of kept it in play, which I've really struggled to do for a long time now. But I drove it decent. Didn't hit a ton of fairways, but didn't miss wide, so I was kind of always in play out there. And honestly, this kind of course is more my favorite where you're really just pretty much playing defensively. So there's disaster out there all over the place. You're just kind of playing for pars and take the birdies when they may present themselves. So two fairly difficult days. And I just played good enough, just kind of plodded along. Made a couple mistakes here and there and sprinkled in some birdies.

Q. A couple mistakes will happen here and there.

KEVIN STADLER: Yeah, for sure.

Q. You mentioned that struggle. How do you maintain patience when you're not seeing the results that you want and just maintaining a positive relationship with the game?

KEVIN STADLER: I don't at all. (Laughs.) I fight like hell to do that. I've been in a deep, dark hole for quite a while now and just been clawing away trying to get it back. I know what I'm capable of if I can make it happen. It's just been a long, long time. It's been extremely difficult, but just trying to plug away and make it work again.

Q. How great is it for your mental game to be able to play without physical pain?

KEVIN STADLER: Yeah, it's good. You know, it's kind of a Catch 22. Like it's more mentally taxing to feel good and to be struggling like I struggled lately than it was playing injured and trying to just deal with the pain. That was a little bit easier mentally because I just know it was going to hurt, and now I know it's not going to hurt, but the results might hurt. I've really got nothing wrong with me physically anymore. I feel good. Just been a battle than anything upstairs trying to get the game back together.

Q. Well, it's been great to see you over the past two days. As we look to the weekend, what is your game plan considering any conditions that might come up?

KEVIN STADLER: Honestly, nothing major. If I can just keep doing what I'm doing, just keep the ball in front of me, keep it in play and keep it out of the bushes on the sides here, it's all good. Just try to make as many pars as I can, chip a couple birdies in on the par 5s. I don't know. I haven't looked at the weather, see what it's doing, but if it stays like this, anything around par is good and a couple under is fine.