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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with Si Woo Kim

SI WOO KIM: This little tough condition because the last -- I play the last three years, it's pretty soft and then warm and then playing short. But this year it's like they more earlier, a little bit playing longer and then harder, and then grass a little different. But today pretty good driving, iron, then putted well. That's why I playing good.

Q. Si Woo, did you mention to Fred that you've just now started AimPoint?

SI WOO KIM: Sorry?

Q. That you just now started with AimPoint?

SI WOO KIM: I did before like five years ago, but I didn't do last four years. Last three, putting really well. I'm just trying yesterday again. But today much better reading and then good stroke.

Q. So you just picked it up again yesterday, just started applying it again yesterday?


Q. What is different this time around than the last time you tried it?

SI WOO KIM: Last time I got almost (inaudible,) that's why reading good. I didn't hit there, but this time's not a (inaudible.) I think just reading good, I can putt it well.

Q. What do you like about this course?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I played pretty good the last three years, that's why I'm playing this week, and then pretty good course, good for me.

Q. Preparing you for the Masters?


Q. You went on a stretch where you hit a lot of birdies in a short time. What was going right there or what was different about that part of the day?

SI WOO KIM: Like first front nine's not like my iron shot, but last back nine much better, that's why I get closer to the pin.