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April 7, 2019

Final Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. Another solid week, Matt. Congratulations. Last week, I know that had to take a little bit out of you. Seven rounds and the temperature changes and everything else had to be a little tough getting through those last few holes every day. This week seemed like you lost just a little bit of your edge coming in.

MATT KUCHAR: Last week was awesome. Seven matches is a lot, but with the adrenaline that's going, it really keeps you going. I never felt tired, drained, anything. It was just the adrenaline in match play; regardless of how far you go, it really kind of pumps through you. Coming this week, I was excited to be here. I love the golf course, love the facility. I had another great week. I'm pleased. Can't win them all. To come here, to top-10, to have another good week and try to fine tune some of the things that need to be refined and try to be as sharp as possible for next week I think is a good thing to be doing this week.

Q. That's what I wanted to ask you. You extend your lead in the FedExCup. I know how big a deal that is, especially with only three Playoff events this year, you want to be up near the top going into the Playoffs. But what did you pick up from this week going into Augusta that you might have wanted to have that you might not have had last week?

MATT KUCHAR: Some chipping, putting, wedging is so important for next week. I spent a little extra time kind of inside that 120-yard marker on the range and then felt pretty good on the wedges on the golf course. I think it's always great to be in competition testing yourself as opposed to just being at your home club. I really enjoyed this week. I wanted to come here and win, but having a top-10's a nice week.