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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with Matt Kuchar

Q. Good start to the week.

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, yeah, it was. I was playing good golf. I'm excited to be here, I love this tournament, love this golf course. It's a real favorite of mine and the family's as well. So good to get off to a good start. Got it to 5 under. Shame I bogeyed two of the last three, but there's a couple hard holes coming in. The 9th is really a hard hole. So not the worst and a decent position to start the week.

Q. When the wind does lay down here, how prime does that make scoring?

MATT KUCHAR: I don't know if the place is every easy, but you've got to take advantage. It certainly gets harder when the wind kicks up. So when the wind is low, we had great conditions this morning, you want to try to take advantage of those.

Q. Is this course a good preparation at all for Augusta?

MATT KUCHAR: I think certainly a good prep, you have to drive it well here. Augusta's a sneaky tough driving course. If you don't drive it well there, you'll be packing your bags early. But the approach shots, the greens have a lot of similarities with undulations and fall-offs. There's enough, and it's, again, playing the game of golf.

Q. Do you like playing the week before?

MATT KUCHAR: I do, yeah.

Q. (No microphone.)

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, sure. I think good golf breeds more good golf. That's kind of the idea. You want to just continue being on good form and hopefully keep it rolling.