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April 5, 2019

Second Round Interview with Kyoung-Hoon Lee

Q. Just talk about your round today.

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Today's a very good round. Putting very well, way better than last week. So very happy round, just very happy.

Q. Everything good until No. 9, your last hole.


Q. What happened there?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Between the yardage 8- and 9-iron, so I try controlled 8, but little timing, so left side. A little difficult up-and-down, so I missed it.

Q. If the wind keeps blowing, it's not going to get easier out there. You're either in the lead or right there. Are you happy with that? Are you comfortable?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Yeah. I try keep play well, so I like the competition, so enjoy.

Q. Any change or difference from yesterday with the putting?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: No, just this week try to -- try very hard to putting practice, so little different address, so different last week.

Q. Who do you play practice rounds with normally?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Like somebody like Danny Lee or Sang-Moon. South Koreans.

Q. Do you talk with Si Woo Kim much?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Yeah, I know Si Woo Kim before national team. He's very young with playing same.

Q. Do you know this week he added AimPoint to his putting, so I didn't know if you all chatted about that?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: And before I tried.

Q. You have?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Yes, I tried AimPoint, but just this week I'm not doing.

Q. Stick to what's working. How was the wind treating you out there on the last few holes?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Yes. A little turnaround wind sometime very help distance control, like the second shot. Some guys hit downwind. My turn is against wind.

Q. Of course it is.


Q. Did you withdraw at Valspar?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Withdraw? Yes.

Q. Did something happen there?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: My left hip is little hurt, so walking.

Q. Is that better now?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: Yeah. I try medicine and then getting better, stretching. Not withdraw this week.

Q. No, of course not. Going back to Honda, you put together three great rounds and then on Sunday it was difficult out there for a lot of guys. Did you take anything away from that tournament?

KYOUNG-HOON LEE: I mean, very good experience with Keith Mitchell, the winner. I'm looking for final five holes very well putting, clutch putting, so I learn very good experience, so I hope this week same do that.