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April 7, 2019

Final Round Interview with Kevin Streelman

Q. Kevin, I was having some Travelers flashbacks out there with the way it was finishing up. I know 18 was just back into the fan, but what a way to finish out this tournament with nine birdies.

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, thank you. That was -- I don't know, just kind of found a little something on the range. Did some great work with Pat on my putting, just kind of changed my routine, to be honest, and just kind of really opened the hole up a little bit to me.

Went back to see my first coach ever, Dr. Jim Suttie, the week after Tampa, I was so frustrated with my game. He just gave me a couple little things to work on, and he's the man.

Yeah, very excited with -- that's what we play for, to get those juices going. Disappointed to do that on the last. I kind of know what I did in my golf swing, but hey, it's going to come out once in a while in nervous situations and I just learn from it and get better and next time not do it.

Q. You could see yourself you channelling that emotion, the fist pumps, you could see it sort of carrying through. What was it like to play with those emotions?

KEVIN STREELMAN: It's a lot of fun. It's been a little while. I drew a terrible lie in the bunker there on 15 and I kind of mentally said, you know what, Frank, let's put push through this. I hit one of the best bunker shots of my life, just flushed it. I didn't see it go in. I assume it went in kind of softly, I nipped it well. Hit an awesome swing on 16 and awesome putt on 17. It's what we do it for.

Q. How old were you when you first saw him?

KEVIN STREELMAN: I was 12 when I first saw him.

Q. Kevin, in spite of the bogey here, incredible round, 64 today. Just take us through it a little bit.

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, terrific start there birdieing 1 and 2, they were playing downwind. You kind of knew you had to get it early, but it was tricky out there. Kind of was out of the north, and then as the rain came in, it kind of gusted the other way. I just hit smart shots, kept the ball in the fairway and kept the ball below the hole and was able to make a ton of putts. I don't know how many I had total, but putted beautifully today.

Q. You mentioned on the radio just a minute ago getting that enthusiasm back; it was kind of visible, the first pumps and so forth.


Q. Are you in a good spot with your game right now?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, it's such a funny game, it's so crazy. Didn't have the start to the season I liked. I usually play well in the fall, I didn't play that well. I usually play well on the west coast and did nice at Pebble, but just kind of hasn't been clicking lately.

I went to see my first coach ever, Dr. Jim Suttie, the day after Tampa. I was so disappointed with how I played as the reigning champion there, to kind of play the way I did was disappointing. So I went down to see Doc in Naples. He just gave me a few little things to work on and he's awesome. So I feel things are on the right track.

It's fun to get back with those emotions and adrenaline going. I'll be honest, I was thinking about Travelers a little bit there. I know I couldn't get the last seven, but the last five would have been fun, at least give them something to think about out there. I was disappointed with that 8-iron swing there, just kind of nipped that chip a little too much. Overall, I would say that's a really good round of golf today.

Q. How did you feel about the weather today? Did that impact the course and the way it was playing at all?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah, it was tough. The course held its own very nicely. I don't think I had any mud balls and didn't have to take any drops for casual, so that was just a testament to the grounds crew and everyone here on TPC property. What a great job they did preparing the golf course. Yeah, it turned out to be a great championship and we'll see.

Q. Does your family always travel with you for the tournaments?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Yeah. So my daughter Sophia is 5 and she starts kindergarten in August, so we're trying to maximize our time this year because it's going to be a lot different starting August. They're going to be home a little more. We'll be home for a week and roll off to Hilton Head together and New Orleans and Charlotte and do it all.

Q. What's your son's name? How old is he?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Rhett. Rhett is 3, just turned 3.

Q. Who are you playing with in New Orleans?

KEVIN STREELMAN: Vaughn Taylor. The old guys, 40-somethings.

Q. What was the highlight for you of all those birdies?

KEVIN STREELMAN: The shot into 9 was pretty sweet. That was playing very difficult. Back right pin, I hit a hold 7-iron in there to 8, 10 feet and made that. But then that bunker shot on 15 followed by the tee shot on 16 were probably the highlights for me I'll remember.