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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with J.T. Poston

Q. J.T., great start. I thought this was a golf course that for being as difficult as it's always been, it's about as easy as we could probably see it and you took advantage of it.

J.T. POSTON: Yeah, right. We were talking about that. Myself, Scott Stallings, George McNeill, we were talking about it on the first fairway this morning. It's definitely the calmest we've ever seen it and they've played a lot more years out here than I have. It was definitely there for the taking.

Q. So how do you take advantage of that when you recognize it early? What do you try and do out there but not get too crazy?

J.T. POSTON: Yeah, there's still a lot of golf shots, a lot of shots you have to step up and hit. I mean, that doesn't make it too easy, but it definitely makes it a little easier to hit fairways, which is key around here, and then makes it a little easier to get it closer to the hole. I was able to do that a few times and really just played solid, putted really good.

Q. That's been the key for you, you've been playing solid for a long time. I'm a numbers guy. Your numbers have been trending in a positive direction for over a year now. What has been most comfortable for you in this sort of stretch of fine play?

J.T. POSTON: In the last year and a half or so?

Q. Yeah.

J.T. POSTON: I've had some streaks of some really good ball-striking and some really good short game and putting and it just hadn't really matched up but maybe once or twice in the same week. That's kind of been the focus. Normally I feel like I'm a really solid putter, that was kind of the case when I was a junior putter and in college, and I feel like since I've gotten out here it was a little more streaky. So that was kind of a focus at the start of the year was just be really, really consistently a good putter like I know I can be. That kind of helps the long game and the rest of the game when you know you're going to make those putts.

Q. What's the biggest positive you take from today to tomorrow?

J.T. POSTON: Probably the putting. I mean, I felt like I played really well, but there were definitely some shots that weren't too sharp. So it was pretty encouraging to be able to shoot 5 under and score really well like that and feel like I might have left a couple out there as well.