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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with Jordan Spieth

Q. Jordan, I thought that was a pretty solid round for you, no glaring mistakes. One three-putt for you, but I thought for the most part your putting stroke looked really well.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, stroke feels good. Struggled a little with the swing to start, just didn't hit a whole lot of fairways. But I kept the ball in between the beacons, didn't hit any out of play, and therefore was able to kind of play a bogey-free type of golf and take advantage of the par 5s.

Q. Yeah, you're going to see that you only hit five fairways, but you only missed five greens as well, so that your misses are pretty tight.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, yeah. And there's no rough out here right now unless you get outside of the primary rough, so you can hold greens from that rough but it's very difficult to get it close to the hole locations to get more birdie chances. So certainly looking to ramp up those fairway numbers to give myself maybe more looks at potentially more birdies during rounds.

Q. Working on a beard here, buddy?

JORDAN SPIETH: No, I just -- I'll shave tonight probably, yeah.

Q. Was that about as ideal as conditions can be here at TPC San Antonio?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, yeah, I was shocked there wasn't anything lower than 6. It's still difficult because in order to get near these hole locations because the greens are firm, you have to be in the fairway if it's not a par 5, and so I guess that's probably what held it from anyone going any lower, but it was ideal.

Q. How differently does this course play when the wind picks up?

JORDAN SPIETH: Very. Off the tee, for sure. Just that both sides of every hole has all those trees and cactus and rocks and stuff. When there's no wind like this, that's a pretty big miss, but when the wind starts to blow, that comes into play more. But it doesn't look like it's forecasting to blow the rest of this week so we could see scores like today continue.

Q. Could you speak to the experience you had with Alex out playing the two holes and the driving range, can you speak about that after seeing the video and the experience?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I didn't see the video, but it was incredible. I mean, for how optimistic he is with kind of what he's gone through, it really putts things in perspective. It was just a fun hang, it was a good hang. He was asking a lot of questions, he was fun to talk to. Certainly wish him the best and praying for him in his recovery to get better so we can play nine and continue that.