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April 5, 2019

Second Round Interview with Jhonattan Vegas

Q. I know you stumbled a little bit at that 8th hole, kind of a bad break, hit the lip of that cart path, but all in all, solid round, solid 36 holes for you, Jhonattan.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Definitely. I mean, obviously, you know, especially knowing that this course has never treated me that way. It's always good to get a good start.

But yeah, I just definitely struggled with some energy, especially on the back nine for me. I feel like I got off to -- I made that long putt on 1, which is my 10th hole, feel like I had a good chance to put a good number. But obviously gave a few back on the par 5s, which is always a little disappointing, but playing well. I've just got to find a way to manage energy over the weekend and should be a fun one.

Q. You mentioned energy, a late-early tee time, you're fighting some allergies. Was that a factor?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Definitely, definitely. I didn't really get a great night of sleep last night, which obviously I paid for it on the back nine today. But overall, like I said, I'm playing good golf. That's kind of what I've got to keep in my mind and hopefully things go my way over the weekend.

Q. Jhonny, if we can just get some overall comments on your round, please.

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Yes. It was a solid round overall. Can't really complain too much. Obviously not feeling great, like I said yesterday, with some allergies. Didn't have a great night of sleep, which that didn't help, either. But played solid, feel like I made some really good putts, really good birdies. Obviously disappointed making a couple of bogeys on the par 5s on the back nine and not birdieing 18. That's four, five shots there that could go my way. But pleased where I'm at and looking forward to a great weekend.

Q. Jhonny, you got to play the first two rounds with Jordan. How would you assess the way he's playing this weekend?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Good. He's 8 under through two rounds, can't really say too many bad things about that. Played solid. Obviously chipping and putting unbelievable, and you're going to miss shots around this golf course, which he has, we all have, but he manages to do his scrambling a lot better than a lot of us, so game's looking good.

Q. I thought he's supposed to be in a slump?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: If that looks like a slump, I want to be on it for the rest of my career.

Q. And Jhonny, you're still not feeling well. What's the plan for the rest of the day and your thoughts for the weekend?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: I've just got to get some rest. Like I say, I feel like my game is there, I feel like I've been putting well over the past few weeks. If we can find a way to have energy for the next two rounds, I feel like I should have a pretty good weekend around here.

Q. Was it fun seeing the gallery react to you and Jordan being UT guys and being in Texas?

JHONATTAN VEGAS: Well, that's one of the great things about playing in Texas, it's kind of why we like it so much. Obviously the fans we get around here are unbelievable. We're not that far away from Austin and I love that. Seeing kids root for us and people that -- kind of our generation, too, kind of have that connection with the university. It's a lot of fun and we're glad we went to University of Texas.