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April 7, 2019

Final Round Interview with Charley Hoffmamn

Q. Charley, what a great weekend you had. I think you were at 13 under par. Sometimes, well, you just got mowed down by the Canadian Express here.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, it would have been a little different story if I knock in that three-footer on 17, I think that shot on 18 might have been a little harder. But you know what, I didn't. He kept hitting the shots, he kept making the putts. And that back nine, my hat's off to him, he played his butt off.

Q. What a lot of momentum you take to Augusta with you, though.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, big week. I played well in Tampa. Obviously I love this golf course and would love to get a W, but I'm going to another place that I love and hopefully I keep this momentum going and I improve on that second-place finish.

Q. Charley, 11 top-15 finishes in 14 starts here, it's amazing. Just comment on that.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, first of all, it wouldn't happen without Valero, biggest charity contributor on the PGA TOUR. Thank them for supporting this event year in and year out. You know what, La Cantera I played well early in my career and I came over here and just fell in love with this place. You know what, I thought shooting 3 under par on the back nine with a one-shot lead might be good enough, but I got beat today and it just happens.

Q. But the key to your play for the week, just talk a little bit about that.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, after the first nine holes, I hit a lot of greens and the majority of the fairways and I was pretty steady. I didn't make a bogey today, didn't really look like I was going to make a bogey all day long. Obviously wish a couple more putts would have fallen in, but I gave myself good looks.

Q. Because of the way you play on this course, you probably thought you were right there.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, you don't think you're going to get beat by a guy that's never won before, go out and shoot --

Q. He was a Monday qualifier.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. My hat's off. After the middle of that front nine, I thought, all right, this is going to be my tournament to win. You know what, he showed up and he balled up and he played his ass off and I've got to give him credit for that.