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April 6, 2019

Third Round Interview with Charley Hoffman

Q. Charley, excellent way to cap off the round. If we can just get some comments on your day.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, everything went well. Hit a lot of fairways, gave myself a lot of opportunities. Obviously got off to a good start birdieing the first couple, and the rain came and maintained with a bunch of pars. Once the sun came out again, the birdies did also. It was nice to finish off the round birdie-birdie-eagle. Definitely going to make dinner taste well tonight and hopefully got a chance going into tomorrow.

Q. You have a history of playing well here, so you have some institutional knowledge, I would take it, on the course. Is that part of your success, do you think?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I mean, the old saying "horses for courses," it's not a fluke. I think it's something. I really enjoy San Antonio, I really enjoy the resort. My family loves coming here and hanging out. I think we're always in a good frame of mind this week. Even after a tough start to the year, I came with a good head on the shoulders and it's showing.

Q. (No microphone.) Is it more of a distraction or is it something that really helps you to focus?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: To be honest, I came in here trying to build some momentum. Tampa, I played fairly well, got top-20 there, and I knew this golf course is something that fits my eye and I was trying to build momentum into the Masters. Obviously I had some good memories at the Masters also, so hopefully I can rattle off some weeks, good weeks here in April.

Q. Can you walk us through '18 for us?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I hit a drive a little right. That's the miss downwind and those trees come in left, pretty fast on the left-hand side. So hit just right, drew a lie was very lucky and had a good number. It was a good 3-wood. If I hit it solid, the water's not in play and the only question was if it was going to land on the green to stop or not, and it landed really soft and I gave myself an opportunity for an eagle.

Q. How did the weather affect things early on for you?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Early it was all right. It was in the middle of the round, it started raining around 5 I think it started raining, it was just sort of an annoying rain, it wasn't anything horrible, but during the period it was tough but once the rain subsided it made the course pretty easy and pretty soft.

Q. What have you found with your putting stroke?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, to be completely honest, the guy I work with in San Diego, Derek Uyeda, and another guy, Greg Rose, I was concentrating too much getting lost on the line instead of just hitting a putt and just using my instinct. Gone back to instinct, which I think I'm a fairly good putter when I use my instinct and just visualize the putt going in instead of getting honed in on a line. Just mentally feel a lot better over the golf ball.

Q. Four birdies and an eagle on the back nine. At what point did you kind of know you were doing well?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know this finish is where you get this golf course, you know that's where the birdies come and I was able to take advantage of it. Obviously you've still got to hit good golf shots to make birdies out there, but I was able to take advantage of my good golf shots and hopefully carry that momentum, that finish into tomorrow's round.