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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with Brian Stuard

Q. I know you're not the longest driver on the PGA TOUR, but you put it in play and you play golf. This is a golf course you have to do that, you can't just wail away at a driver and hope it works out for you.

BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think you're right. It's definitely key to get it in play off the tee and then kind of go from there.

Q. You got off to such a great start, and I think it looked like you played maybe a little more solid on your second nine than the opening nine but you didn't make any putts.

BRIAN STUARD: Maybe a little bit. I got away with a couple drives on my first nine, and then the second nine I was kind of a little more scratchy with my irons, but like you said, didn't get anything to drop.

Q. Thoughts going into tomorrow now that you get a little bit of a quick turnaround?

BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, you know, just going to try to keep doing the same thing. I felt like

I played really nice on those first 10 holes, going to try to get that feeling again.

Q. It's fun trying to figure out the break out here with this big hotel and everything goes away from it, isn't it?

BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, that's right.

Q. You started with a bogey for today, right?


Q. How did you kind of rebound from that, because you hit a bunch of birdies right after that.

BRIAN STUARD: Yeah, I think the putt I made on 11 was key to kind of get the momentum going. I hit a good drive and then I hit a nice 9-iron, I don't know, it was probably 18 feet and got that one to go, so it kind of got the momentum going.

Q. Was there a reason that it was a good putting day for you overall, or did you feel that way?

BRIAN STUARD: You know, I felt like I was, you know, for whatever reason, seeing the breaks, feeling the breaks well. And I made that one on 11, made a nice one on 12 and 13. It was just kind of -- was just nice to see those go in.