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April 5, 2019

Second Round Interview with Adam Schenk

Q. Adam, I've got to tell you, man, that was a great round of golf today, 6 under par out there. But your group had some flow going and it's always fun when you're kind of feeding off each other, isn't it?a

ADAM SCHENK: We did, even last week in Dominican, all three made the cut. Same this week, we're all inside the top-12 or something like that. So it does make it easier when, you know, you might get a couple ahead and someone makes three birdies and all of a sudden you're behind. So when there is some flow in the group, it does help.

Q. Played well last week in the wind. You're not getting quite as much of it here. Is that a good thing for you or are you kind of hoping it might blow a little harder?

ADAM SCHENK: You know, last week was windy. I didn't do as well as a lot of people. Played the course three or four times, which had helped. But, you know, if it stays like this, hopefully continue to play like this and it will be just fine.

Q. How about the golf course playing I don't want to say easy, but easier than it has. It's a little softer, a little more forgiving, especially off the tee with the fairways a little slower?

ADAM SCHENK: Yeah, softer. And the greens, they firmed up today a little bit, but the greens are slower, probably a couple feet slower than last year. I don't know maybe why that is. They're still very good. Even in the afternoon there's really no spike marks to tap down, so they're great surfaces to putt on.

Q. Yeah, I think the biggest thing for most of the guys, it's the downhill putts, you can't get them to the hole it seems like.


Q. Uphill putts, you can get them there.

ADAM SCHENK: Exactly. Downhill you expect to be fast and all of a sudden you leave it three or four feet short. It's not as difficult as it was, but I think that's a big different why the scores might be a little lower this year.