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April 4, 2019

First Round Interview with Abraham Ancer

Q. Abraham, started off even par on the front, but the back nine, there's been a lot of good rounds and most of them have been coming on that back nine. Tell us about it.

ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, this golf course, you need a lot of patience, especially on the front nine. You've got to be extremely accurate out here, these greens are very demanding. I think I had a lot of patience out there. Me and my caddie talked about just getting through even par and just turning it around on the back and that's what we did.

Q. I believe with the hole locations today, the two par 5s on the front weren't that gettable. You had to really be precise with your short iron if you can't get to the green on 2 or on 8 today.

ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, you have to be extremely precise. On 8, it's just a tough shot. I actually tried to push it a little down there and tried to bump it up there and it didn't get all the way up and came back, ended up making par. But par's not a bad score out here. You can't get too frustrated making pars out here. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with my round.

Q. Going into tomorrow, it's always nice to shoot a good one in the afternoon on Thursday, you get to head right back out in the morning.

ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, just try to keep the momentum going. Like I said, the back nine was really good. I played really solid and just try to take it over to tomorrow morning.