Tom Mabe Volunteer of the Year Award

Beginning in 2015, the Valero Texas Open recognized an outstanding volunteer to receive the Tom Mabe Volunteer of the Year Award. Tom Mabe was a longtime volunteer who worked with players, fans, and officials for decades as a proud VTO volunteer. Tom was an American hero, retired from the US Army after being stationed in Germany and serving in Korea and Vietnam. Tom passed away during tournament week in 2014 and will be sorely missed, but remembered, at all future Valero Texas Open tournaments.

Tom always had a positive attitude and was truly a team player- willing and happy to take on any tasks or duties that were asked of him. He was passionate about the tournament and even more so of the charities that the VTO supports. Tom took pride in all that he did and was eager to pitch in any way he could.

The Volunteer of the Year Award has been named in his honor and all volunteers and TLC members have the opportunity to nominate a volunteer worthy of recognition who embodies the same character, spirit, and passion as Tom Mabe including his dedication, commitment, passion, charity, character, sacrifice & leadership.

Volunteer of the Year Recipients


Barbara Zakrison has worked as a part of the Volunteer Services committee for over seven years. She is caring and considerate with everyone she interacts with, making each person she connects with feel special. Her polite demeanor makes her a joy to be around.


Lisa Leong has worked as a part of the Hospitality committee for several years. Her inviting disposition comes with a smile and good spirit as she is willing to help anyone she encounters. She even takes a week’s worth of vacation from work to volunteer her time and talent each year during tournament week.


Gerry Hagar embodies the essence and true spirit of volunteerism. Several Volunteer of the Year nominations were submitted in support of Hagar, who has worked as a part of the Pro-VIP Shuttle committee for several years. He exhibited incredible selflessness, commitment, willingness to assist in any situation and despite the long hours of volunteering seven days straight, from sun-up to sun-down during tournament week, maintained a wonderful sense of humor.


Greg Brueland was awarded the inaugural Tom Mabe Volunteer of the Year award. Greg, who worked on the 13th hole as part of the Gallery Control committee, was awarded the honor for his “selflessness and mentorship to other volunteers.” Words used to describe Greg included passion, enthusiasm, and his invaluable help was contagious.

2018 Criteria & Process

The recipient will be selected by the Mabe family, the Tournament Leadership Council, and Staff Members following the 2018 Valero Texas Open. The winner will be announced at the annual, TLC Appreciation Banquet and will receive a VTO gift package and charitable donation made in the recipient’s honor.

  • Nominations will be accepted from May 1-14, 2018
  • Nominations will be taken at the volunteer tent & online
  • Staff will review all nominations and reduce to 10 candidates
  • Tournament Leadership Council (not eligible for award) will vote on the final 10 candidates
  • TLC, Staff, & Mabe family will have final vote – ranking 1 pt, 2 pts, 3 pts
  • Volunteer of the Year winner is the candidate with highest tally of points

Become a Volunteer

The Valero Texas Open wouldn’t be possible without the more than 2,000 volunteers that help put on the tournament. Because of their efforts, the Valero Texas Open is able to raise significant amounts of money for charity... $12M in 2018 alone. Please help us give back to the community by becoming a volunteer.

Barbara Zakrison, 2018 Recipient
Lisa Leong, 2017 Recipient
Gerry Hagar, 2016 Recipient
Gerry Hagar 2016 inductee pictured with Greg Brueland, 2015 inaugural recipient
Vounteer of the Year
Gerry Hagar 2016 inductee pictured with Greg Brueland, 2015 inaugural recipient