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April 22, 2018

Final Round Interview with Zach Johnson

Q. You hung in there, you gave it a fight, threw in some birdies. When you look at your career and where you are at 42, you talk about these young guys, how much fun is it to still be able to grind it out and battle for titles?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, that's kind of the story of my career. I don't mind the grind. Yeah, obviously not very pleased with the day. I had some opportunities early I let go, but when it came down to it I feel like I execute the best when it means the most.

I'm going to learn from it. I didn't particularly do that. I hit some good shots and didn't get rewarded for them and probably had some bad breaks, too. But shoot, that's golf.

Yeah, I love it. Andrew played obviously great, specifically the start, and yesterday was obviously very solid, too. You have a worthy champion clearly. Yeah, it's fun, it's fun to compete against the so-called younger generation. I still really do feel my best golf is in front of me, but I know what I've got to clean up.

Q. Well, knowing that your best golf is in front of you in contending like you did this week, a two-time major winner, how much more eager does it make you to get out next time, especially on the big ones because I know those majors are important to you?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, the eagerness of it is certainly an element. The more I kind of get eager about something or anxious about it, the moment it slips through my hands. So I'm trying to really remain patient and just let it come. I think that's the key. I'm saying the right things right now and it's hard to put that into practice sometimes. I do know that's the approach I've got to have is just wait, just wait for it because every element of my game's good. My equipment's great, hitting the ball as far as I ever have. Whether it's my PXG equipment or my Titleist ball, I don't know, but the combo has been terrific. What I'm doing from the physical standpoint's really good, too, with my team. I appreciate the guys and everybody that is still behind me because it's been a little bit of a drought since '15, but I'm keeping my head high and I'm going to keep working.