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April 22, 2018

Final Round Interview with Joaquin Niemann

Q. Joaquin Niemann, all smiles for good reason. You start your professional career here at the Valero Texas Open. You do what you did and we'll get to the experience in just a minute, but did this beat your expectations finishing the way that you did?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, for sure. I mean I was playing good, I never thought I was going to finish how I played this week, but I can't be more happy than this. Just try to keep it up and hope to play well for the next weeks.

Q. You told us before the tournament began in your press conference that you were sure that you were going to have some nerves not being an amateur and finally playing as a professional. How were the nerves all week long?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I think my mind for this week was absolutely, I mean, I never felt so good that I felt this way. I mean the last three holes I was feeling that I want to make birdie, birdie and birdie, so I feel really nice now and really happy.

Q. You've accomplished a lot of great things already in your young career, but doing what you did in your very first tournament as a professional, what kind of confidence will this give you moving forward?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I think this is going to give me a lot of confidence to try to do my card for this year. Thing is I've got a couple more tournaments coming and I just can't wait for it.

Q. You have to be a fan of the Lone Star State. Well done.


Q. Talk about making it really count for your professional debut, Joaquin. I asked you what did you consider a success this week in your professional debut, it's a top-5 finish for you. I would say that's quite successful, right?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: It's amazing. It's really nice to play with the best players in the world.

Q. And of course you finished so strong here, three birdies in a row. You've put a considerable dent in the points that you need to earn for special temporary membership. Walking away after four full rounds as a professional, what are the biggest takeaways for you and what you need to work on and what you're really happy with?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I think before this week I just, my game was really good, just my putter wasn't good enough. Starting this week I just told my coach to make any change and my putter was working really well. It was my putter.

Q. Many congratulations on a terrific final round of 67, a total of 12 under par, looks like a top-10, top-5 finish possibly. How would you sum up the experience this week?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: It's one of the best week of my life. It's very nice to be on top of the leaderboard. It's amazing.

Q. On the 16th hole, obviously your first experience in front of this sort of atmosphere. How valuable are these experiences in your development as a player?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: I feel like a veteran right now, I feel like a Tour player now. I know I can beat these guys and just going to wait for my week and try to win.

Q. You played earlier this week with Sergio Garcia in a practice round. I know you played with him before. Has he been valuable in terms of advice and encouragement?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, he showed me a lot of. Sergio, he won a lot of Tour events, he won the Masters. And playing with him, I know that my game is (inaudible) so just a matter of time I'll be like him maybe.

Q. Obviously this top-10 gets you into the tournament in Charlotte in a couple weeks on the PGA TOUR. What's next for you after that, more invitations?

JOAQUIN NIEMANN: Yeah, I was excited for Wells Fargo, it's going to be nice. And then I'm playing Byron Nelson and Memorial, so hopefully I'll have more invites for what is coming.