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April 19, 2018

First Round Interview with Jimmy Walker

Q. Do you feel like it's a good score, especially the way you bounced back after a couple hiccups on 18 and 1?

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, I would have liked to have not done what I had done on 18. I hit a bad shot and I had to take an unplayable and kind of compounded it from there. 1 I played solid, I just missed a short putt. Hung in there, stayed patient, had a couple of good looks that just didn't go. It's windy. You catch the wrong gust, blows the ball off track, so it's tough.

Q. You mentioned the wind. How difficult is it with club selection and ball flight in these conditions?

JIMMY WALKER: I like to keep it low, especially into the wind. I always usually like to kind of fight the wind, too, on second shots and so I feel like I've got more control and I'm not, you know, waiting on a gust. But I felt good. I was flighting the ball nice and low and felt like I had pretty good control. Short game was on point today and I putted really well.