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April 19, 2018

First Round Interview with Andrew Landry

Q. Andrew, great play today, man. First round of golf in the 60s this morning. Tough early in kind of cool conditions?

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, it was. Got off to a really good start just making some pars. That first nine holes is a monster out here, especially when the wind's up. Caught a couple birdies there on a couple par holes, so it was very good playing today. Managed my game really well, did everything really good. Chipped the ball good, putted the ball good, did everything really good.

Q. Talked to the guys in the pro-am yesterday, they said it's kind of weird, the bermuda is down in the rough so the rough is fast and the fairways are kind of slow. So the fairways, although they're wide, you miss them and you're going to get into some trouble out here, aren't you?

ANDREW LANDRY: For sure, yeah. This is a good golf course for me, it sets up well for my driving. You've got to be pretty accurate out here. Like you said, the rough, I don't know what happened but the overseed might have not came in as good as I guess they wanted and you can get some pretty sketchy you lies around those greens. Not sketchy as in it's in bad shape, but sketchy as in the ball sits down and you're having to hit some higher shots on some tight lies. But I luckily avoided all those today and I think I had maybe one and I made a par with it.

Q. I assume that growing up -- you grew up in Texas, right?


Q. So I assume that the wind is not an issue for you?

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, I played some really good golf in the wind. Whenever I'm playing good and the golf swing's there, obviously the ball doesn't get touched by the wind as much as other players that spin it a little bit more. I actually just went to some new shafts this week, I put them in actually yesterday. This is the first round of golf I've played with them.

Q. Wow.

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, it's pretty wild.

Q. What kind of shafts?

ANDREW LANDRY: With went from KBS to some Nippons. So very similar stepping and I was just needing a little bit more height and a little bit more spin. I was still able to work them down and also get them high, so it's a good day and I'm very, very happy with ball-striking.

Q. You played last week at the Heritage, right?


Q. And you kind of broke that missed cut streak you were on for a while. Did it feel good to --

ANDREW LANDRY: Yeah, I think a lot of it had to do with my wife was at home and we're expecting our first child, so it was a lot of just kind of waiting around. I don't think that I was playing that bad, especially west coast. You can play pretty well on the west coast and still miss cuts. Three-putted Honda on the last hole, missed the cut, so didn't play that bad, either. It wasn't like I've been playing bad golf, I think I had a lot on my mind. Now that the baby's here and everybody's healthy and everybody's good, I think I can just go out and pin my ears back and play some golf.

Q. When was the birthdate?

ANDREW LANDRY: June 3rd. No, I'm sorry, 3/20.

Q. And the name of your child?

ANDREW LANDRY: Brooks, Brooks Ryan Landry.

Q. And how's it feel to be a father?

ANDREW LANDRY: Awesome. It is the coolest thing in the world, man.

Q. Does it put everything in perspective?

ANDREW LANDRY: Absolutely. None of this matters. It's wild, it's really wild.