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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Tony Finau

Q. Tony, your irons were good to you and some nice putts as well. How did you put together a 65?

TONY FINAU: It was good. Everything is working well out here. I was playing well. I was able to roll some in early and I don't know there's anything I could really point out. Everything was pretty solid today as I was able to capitalize and make putts.

Q. At 10 a 30-foot putter for birdie and eagle at 11. What happened at the turn?

TONY FINAU: Sometimes good things can happen when you're playing well and hitting it in the right spots and try to give yourself some opportunities. I was able to take advantage of that at 10, 11. 11 was pretty cool shot. Whenever you can hole-out from the fairway it's always a good day. That was definitely the case today.

Q. Yesterday 1-under, today you made the full charge. What was the difference maker?

TONY FINAU: I think just getting going early. Yesterday I got behind the 8 ball pretty fast, couple over, I think 3, 4, whatever the case, and just fighting back.

Today I was able to get off to a better day. You need that on this golf course if you're going to play well.

Q. Eight birdies and an eagle today. How did you pull all that together in these changeable and challenging conditions?

TONY FINAU: Yeah. It was tough. I guess probably one of those days I got off to a nice start and made some putts. I think you got to drive well on this of course to play good and that was definitely the case today. Drove it well and hit some good irons. I was able to capitalize with the putter.

Q. Can you take us through that eagle at 11?

TONY FINAU: Yeah. I hit a good tee shot. I had 103 to the flag. 56-degree a little bit into the breeze. Nice little hold off. Landed behind it and spun into the hole. Anytime you can hole-out in a tournament I think is pretty cool.

Q. After today's round, how are you feeling about the weekend playing here at TPC San Antonio?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, I feel good. I've hit a lot of good shots. I've had a good season so far. Pretty solid. Look forward to the weekend.

Q. Tony, what were your thoughts on 18 tee? The hole didn't turn out the way you wanted to. Were you thinking low score, distracted or were you just going at it normally?

TONY FINAU: Just normally. I mean I was trying to just hit the fairway, number 1 thing. Wasn't able to do that.

I chipped out to a pretty good spot to a back flag and hit the third shot a little heavy and went in the water. I got a little dirty. It's all good. Makes for good television.

Q. White pants, too.

TONY FINAU: Yeah. I decided I was like do I ditch the pants or I decided just to leave it on.

Q. Thanks.

TONY FINAU: I think everybody appreciated that.

Q. Did you know you were in the lead when you -- you know, on 18 when you teed off?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, I did. I knew I was right there with a few holes to go being I knew I was right there. You know, lot of golf to be played but it's a good position to be in.

Q. Really mess with your mind any?

TONY FINAU: Yeah. It wasn't the finish I wanted but, all in all, right there going into the weekend. Pretty happy with that.

Q. What was the lie like in the rough for your third?

TONY FINAU: A flyer lie. I knew it was going to jump. I just hit it a little heavy and went in the water.

Q. The lie in the water?

TONY FINAU: It was fine. Half the ball was in the water and half was out. Kind of played it like a bunker shot. We all practiced that shot and hit it before.

I hit it in there yesterday my 1st Round and I got up and down for birdie. I hit my second shot in there. Lightning doesn't strike twice. Almost got up and down again.

Q. Is it easy for you to forget what happened at 18 and 17, the great hole you had?

TONY FINAU: Yeah, it was easy. Now that you guys keep bringing it up -- I totally forgot about it until you guys keep bringing it up. I'll be fine. I'll be ready to go starting tomorrow.

Q. You look like you could play wide receiver or small forward or something. You have a couple of cousins, Jabari Parker is one of your cousins?

TONY FINAU: He's my cousin. I have a lot of cousins that played in the NFL. I played a lot of baseball growing up. Played in high school. Could have played in college.

I love the game of golf. I'm passionate about it. I'm a lot better at golf than anything else, I can assure you of that.

Q. Kind of an upset you went into golf, probably in your neighborhood guys, Polynesian, your buddies are all football?

TONY FINAU: Just Polynesians in general. Football and rugby are kind of main sports. Yeah, golf is totally left field. My brother and I started playing golf. It was pretty crazy. Lot of people couldn't believe we're playing golf especially with the size that I am.

I could have definitely went another route. My size didn't have much to do with not playing other sports but when I picked up a golf club and played and started to win and compete I knew this is what I wanted to do when I grew up and I'm happy.

Q. Who did more talking about kids --

TONY FINAU: We talked about our kids. I know a lot about his kids and he knows a lot about mine. His younger three are the same age as some of mine so pretty cool. Not a lot of guys I can talk to that have the same amount of kids as me out here.

Q. Is your brother still playing?

TONY FINAU: He is. He lives in St. George, Southern Utah. Still chasing it around, mini tours and everything.