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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Ollie Schniederjans

Q. Ollie, 7 birdies today. Pretty gusty out there. That's a great round here in the 2nd Round and what clicked between yesterday and today for you out there?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Well, actually yesterday was the first day I played the course. I came in on Tuesday and I tried to walk it, kind of look around, hit some chips and putts but it was my first time actually playing the course and so I was a little bit uncomfortable on some of the tee shots and around the greens wasn't very good.

But today, putted awesome today, probably one of the best putting days I've had in a long time and feeling really good about that and just played really good.

Q. Is it more of some continued great play from your outstanding performance at the RBC Heritage and maybe today the residue of that great success a week ago?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yeah. My game is in a great place for sure and I've been working really hard on my putting and awesome to see it payoff today. It rolled it really well. That's kind of what gave me the 5-under score instead of maybe 1, 2-under.

Q. Ollie, even yesterday, you finished 5-under today. What's the difference maker?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: Yesterday was my first time playing the course. I came in Tuesday afternoon. All I had time to do was just around and kind of got to eyeball it but I actually hit the shots so little uncomfortable yesterday on some of the shots but today really just more comfortable with the course but really putted great today.

Q. What did you notice about the way the greens rolled here and anything specific about the course layout?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: You got to hit it good off the tee, you got to keep it in play and the greens are pretty treacherous. You really want to hit a lot of greens because it's tough to get up and down and there's -- you have tough two putts, too, if you don't hit it close.

Q. I saw you the other day taking practices swings left-handed. Why do you do that and why does it make such a difference when it comes to playing tournaments?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: My trainer wants me to hit about 25 balls left-handed three, four times a week just to stay balanced and it actually keeps my right hip solid.

Kind of just -- everything I train in the gym I try to do both ways. Makes sense to kind of shift some lefty three, four times a week so I do it.

Q. Have you noticed a difference since you started doing that?

OLLIE SCHNIEDERJANS: I think I picked up some speed and my right hip which tends to get irritated has gotten a little better, I think mostly probably from the gym, but hitting balls left-handed doesn't hurt, either. I also like to swing a couple clubs weighted just make some swings left-handed everyday.