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April 22, 2017

Round 3 Quick Quotes With Martin Laird

Q. You rebounded for a birdie birdie finish. Take us through Hole 17 and 18, what happened?

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah. You know, it was nice, 17 was downwind wind so I hit 3-wood down there just in front of green and two-putted from five yards short.

And 18 was really nice par, par 5 kind of playing like almost a par 6 today. I hit driver, 3-iron as good as I could and hit 7-iron for my 3rd shot and nice little punch in there, couple feet under the hole.

Q. On the back-9 you had a double bogey and a bogey on a par 5. Just how important is it to finish double birdie going into tomorrow's round?

MARTIN LAIRD: Obviously it helps. It's tough on the back-9. Just hit two poor tee shots on 12 and 14, hit them in the trees and I had a couple of 6s. Playing those last holes a couple under keeps me in there for tomorrow.

Q. Having won here in the past, what do you know about this course that will work to your advantage tomorrow?

MARTIN LAIRD: I don't know. I like playing here. I really do enjoy this golf course even in conditions like today. I said to my caddie, kind of fun playing out there today in the wind like that. I'm just going to go out tomorrow and continue to enjoy playing the course and have fun and see what happens.

Q. Martin, you get it in the house at 6-under par, right in the mix and a strong finish at 17, 18.

MARTIN LAIRD: It was nice, finish birdie birdie. Did on Thursday, too, birdied the last three. Nice to finish well with 18 playing into the wind as a tough par 5 here.

Q. Let's size up Sunday because the weather conditions appear to be the same, little chilly and the gusty winds you have to deal with today.

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah. I think the wind is supposed to come from the same direction. We got a little more used to what it's going to be like tomorrow. It was tough out there. I played really nicely and two bad tee shots on the back-9 cost me a couple 6s. For 16 holes I didn't do much wrong. Looking forward to tomorrow.