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April 21, 2017

Round 2 Quick Quotes With Martin Laird

Q. Martin, 6 birdies against just one bogey. You must have controlled your ball flight today because there's some gusty winds out there.

MARTIN LAIRD: I played really nicely today. I struggled a little bit with my irons yesterday. I went to the range when I was done and kind of got a little thing figured out. Needed it today because it was windy and the first two holes play straight in the wind. Hit nice punch shots into the wind to start the day. That gave me a nice little start and kind of went on from there.

Q. As a former champ I would imagine you come in to this venue with some built-in confidence and you got it to roll today as far as your scoring was concerned.

MARTIN LAIRD: Yeah. This course sets up nice for me. Lot of the tee shots that I feel comfortable with. I like to move the ball left to right and there seems to be a number of tee shots out here if you can cut it it helps. It's nice to the eye and that always helps, and obviously having success here in the past I come here and come back to this venue and hopefully can get up there again this week.

Q. As far as the weekend is concerned, your wedge game was particularly good today.

MARTIN LAIRD: You need it, especially if it's windy like this. Par-5s into the wind you can't get there so you'll have to wedge it close. Then, you know, some of the holes aren't normally wedges where driver, sand wedge downwind because it was so windy. For a long course, you have a lot of wedges. I hit them nice today and had a few short birdie putts.

Q. Martin, only one bogey and 6 birdies today. How much of that was from your putting?

MARTIN LAIRD: Putted nicely. I really struck my irons well today, which is tough do when it's windy like this. I hit some really nice shots and pretty close into the wind.

Q. How did you play in the wind today knowing the gusts are only going to get worse tomorrow?

MARTIN LAIRD: I didn't know it was going to get worse. I knew the wind was coming from the north. I hit my irons really nice, controlled my flight. The first couple holes were straight into the wind and hit nice punch shots into the first two holes. Sounds like I'm going to need a lot more of those tomorrow.

Q. What was the difference maker today versus how you played yesterday?

MARTIN LAIRD: Iron game. I only hit 6, 7 greens yesterday. I only missed a couple today. Even though it was windier, definitely not hit the greens. I really only had a couple birdie looks yesterday. Today I had a number inside 10, 15 feet which is always helpful.