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April 22, 2017

Round 3 Quick Quotes With John Huh

Q. John, tough to get things going on the front-9 but, wow, what a finish with the eagle and birdie to close it out in the 3rd Round.

JOHN HUH: It was tough day. I was able to manage, stay patient and trying to give myself good looks. I really did on my 17th hole and 18th holes and was able to convert.

Q. Can you take us through the eagle on 17? It was exciting.

JOHN HUH: As soon as I got there it was kind of tough lie with little down lie and I was just telling myself, just make sure get high enough where you can let the wind be your friend. So I pulled off the shot and it was fortunate that it went in.

Q. How are you feeling about Sunday now knowing that maybe the conditions might be similar to what we experienced today?

JOHN HUH: Same, you know, same as the last two days I played. Hit good shots and make sure you hit it good place to hit and see how it is at the end.

Q. John, the eagle at 17. Take us through the hole.

JOHN HUH: It was downwind, it was good number to hit and I didn't really catch it clean but I was able to put it in the bunker and from there I was like just try to hit a good shot and hit a good shot and the wind really helped it up there.

Q. From perspective, is there a specific club you had to hit any differently given the conditions today compared to the first two rounds?

JOHN HUH: You just have to control the spin, you know. Obviously with this wind being a little higher, I was able to do that today and hopefully I can do it tomorrow also.

Q. What's your mindset going into the final round, what are some things you look at on this golf course?

JOHN HUH: This golf course really gets all of your game. If I can manage, hit good shots I think I'll be fine.